Managing Zerto: Setup, Protection, and Recovery

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    • 11-12-2023: 09:30 - 17:30
    • 12-12-2023: 09:30 - 17:30
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The Managing Zerto: Setup, Protection, and Recovery course prepares beginner to intermediate Zerto users to deploy, configure, and manage the solution in VMware vSphere® environments. Ideal for hands-on practitioners, the training focuses on Zerto’s core concepts and components, including the major recovery operations such as failovers, tests, and restores. Hands-on labs are included to give learners firsthand experience with setup and protection.


  • Zerto customers
  • Zerto partners


No prior Zerto experience is required. The class assumes familiarity with VMware vSphere® and virtualization technologies.

Course Objectives

By the end of this class, you should be able to:

  • Articulate the top use cases for Zerto and the architectures needed for each
  • Describe the major Zerto components and how they interoperate
  • Install, setup, and configure Zerto in a vSphere environment
  • Protect virtual machines replicating locally and to a secondary peer site
  • Perform the most common recovery operations, including file restores, failover tests, live failover, and moves

Detailed Course Outline

Module 1: Zerto Overview 

  • Introduction to Zerto
  • Primary use cases
  • Core technology and differentiators

Module 2: Zerto Virtual Manager (ZVM) 

  • ZVM overview
  • ZVM specifications and prerequisites
  • Sizing and security hardening
  • Installation

Module 3: Virtual Replication Appliances (VRAs) 

  • VRA overview
  • VRA resources: compute, memory, networking, and storage
  • Deployment and setup

Module 4: Architectures 

  • Basic on-premises architecture
  • Operational recovery architecture
  • Disaster recovery (DR) architecture
  • DR with long-term retention architecture
  • Operational recovery and DR architecture

Module 5: Journal 

  • Role of the journal
  • Basic data path
  • Sizing and settings

Module 6: Zerto Replication 

  • Diving deeper on data path
  • Checkpoints and write-order fidelity
  • Initial, continuous, bitmap, and delta syncs

Module 7: Virtual Protection Groups (VPGs) 

  • Role of VPGs
  • VPG types and creation
  • VM auto-protection
  • VPG prioritization
  • One-to-many replication

Module 8: Long Term Retention (LTR) 

  • Overview of LTR
  • Structure of LTR repositories
  • LTR read and write flows
  • Index and search

Module 9: Zerto Analytics and Monitoring 

  • Overview of Zerto analytics
  • Zerto reports
  • Zerto analytics architecture
  • Resource planner

Module 10: File and VM Restores 

  • File restore process and considerations 
  • VM restore process and considerations

Module 11: Recovery Concepts 

  • Scratch disks
  • Commits and commit policies
  • Reverse protection
  • VM shutdown options

Module 12: Recovery Operations: Failover Test 

  • Test overview
  • Failover test process
  • Additional use cases

Module 13: Recovery Operations: Live Failover 

  • Failover overview 
  • Failover process

Module 14: Recovery Operations: Move 

  • Move overview
  • Move process
  • Move parameters
  • Comparison: move vs failover

Module 15: Recovery Operations: Clone 

  • Clone overview
  • Clone process
  • Recap of recovery operations

Module 16: Course Wrap-Up

Detailed Lab Outline

  • Exercise 1: Introduction to HPE Virtual Labs
  • Exercise 2: Express Install
  • Exercise 3: License and Pair Zerto Sites
  • Exercise 4: VRA Installation
  • Exercise 5: Create a Virtual Protection Group
  • Exercise 6: Using Zerto Analytics
  • Exercise 7: Create a Local Virtual Protection Group
  • Exercise 8: Copy a Virtual Protection Group
  • Exercise 9: Edit a Virtual Protection Group
  • Exercise 10: Restore Files and Folders
  • Exercise 11: Failover Test
  • Exercise 12: Perform a Live Failover
  • Exercise 13: Perform a Move Operation
  • Exercise 14: Create a Long Term Retention Repository
  • Exercise 15: Create the LTR Search Index
  • Exercise 16: Edit a Virtual Protection Group to Enable Long Term Retention
  • Exercise 17: Restore a VM

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